How to Get Partnership With Brands?

Hi loves,

Today ‘m talking about how to get partnership with brands, including International that accept bloggers from all around the world!

  1. Engage your followers

First tip is to engage and grow your audience, don’t feel like you NEED to get a lot of followers to get partnership, but the more you engage the more your chances grow to get partnership.

2. Contact the brand

Don’t expect that the brand will contact you if you are interested in gettig a partnership with a certain brand, email them or contact them.

3. Midia Kit

Midia Kit s a blogger kit that includes all types of information to your blog, like number of followers, impressions, expectations, etc..

4. Events

Most of the countries has beauty events now a days, which includes bloggers & brands, what better way to get contcat with a brand than talking to the brnad personaly. They can give you samples or even full product and share emails, and even get sponsorship!

5. Types of Partnership

The types can be a lot, and unique because the brand can collab in a different way with each blog, but the most popular includes: Affiliate Program- you share and get comission to each person who uses your link to buy from the website, Promo- the brand send you products were you do reviews/promos, Sponsorship- you get paid to talk and promoto the brand.

If you want more info about each brand, including the email/contact leave a comment so I can do a personal post about it!





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